The Assembly is the main building in your city. The level of the Assembly is the highest level that any building in you city can be. It's also the level cap for all heros you have, including the one you started with. Your level is always equal to the level of the Assembly.


Levy your people on a daily basis. For those actions that come up after performing a levy, refer to the Post Levy Actions page for a list of possible actions, as well as some of the options that become available and their respective reward.


You can colonize other gamers in area view. They will become your colonies and contribute Drachmas to you upon colonization.

This feature is no longer in existance.


Increase your salary and authorizations by Promotion .


Check the administration of the faction


The assembly has the longest cooldown for the builders. It quickly reaches over an hour after upgrading, so it is a good idea to only upgrade it before logging out of Batheo for some time.


Level 1
Cottage I , Silver Vault , Training Grounds
Level 2
Shop, Cottage II
Level 4
Cottage III
Level 8
Cottage IV
Level 10
Level 11
Academy ,   (Psyche Gauge stops being 100% all the time)
Level 12
Level 15
Level 16
(auto / free conscript ends)
Level 18
Cottage VI
Level 24
Cottage VII
Level 25
Tax Office
Level 30
Commission, ( Aide level 1 becomes available)
Level 31
Cottage VIII
Level 35
Level 36
(losing an expedition will consume 1 Divinity )
Level 39
Cottage IX
Level 40
Daily Quests, (can hire Aide level 2)
Level 41
Trading Post, Caravans
Level 45
Level 50
(Can hire Aide level 3)
Level 51
(1 free Commission per day unlocked)
Level 60
(Can hire Aide level 4)
Level 82
Alchemy Lab
Level 85
2nd Training Grounds
Level 101
Level 110
3rd Training Grounds